Walks and hikes

For beginners or experienced walkers, your main activities will be walks in the surrounding mountains covered with forests and pastures, or downhill to the ocean. Here everything invites to hiking; a paradise for ornithologists, botanists, walkers. In the vicinity of the property, many paths lead you to the mountain or the sea. In the region of Nordeste the ascension of the Pico de Vara is a magnificent hike. In Pedreira you can descend at the foot of the cliff to discover the hamlet of Faja and then continue the walk to the beach, the most impressive of the island, Lombo Gordo. You can test the health of your knees by going to visit the small fishing port with its famous lighthouse on the eastern side of Sao Miguel. You will be able to bathe in the natural sea-water swimming pool of Boca da ribeira after a good hike from Lomba da Fazenda ... and a thousand other things still in this corner of land "county of Nordeste" that the ancients called the tenth island.

To see also in the area:

  • The Achada waterfall and its mills with possible walks upstream and downstream to the sea.
  • In Faial da Terra, the path to São Guinho and the Salto do prego waterfall.


For the more adventurous of you, it is possible to make paragliding jumps, horseback rides or even outings at sea with fishermen.

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