The Quinta Das Queimadas is a place located in the countryside near the city of Nordeste. It is a homestead hanging on to the side of the Serra da Tronqueira, not far from the Ponta do arnel, oriented towards the rising sun and offering a magnificent view on the Atlantic Ocean.

To reach the Quinta from the North, proceed as follows:

  • When arriving in Nordeste, at the roundabout, take the direction "Centro"
  • Pass over the bridge
  • Go up the main street until reaching a crossroads, take to the right
  • Pass by a gas station
  • Continue straight ahead until finding the panels indicating the Quinta Das Queimadas
  • It is now 4KM, or 2KM far for the steepest path, but in a better state. Please follow the panels, it is well indicated.

Phone: +32 351 296 488 578

GPS coords: 37.817199, -25.151769

Plan d'accès